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The World Needs More Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

  Technology has presented numerous opportunities for people all over the world to make a living out of their ideas and passions. Doors are opened for startups and solo entrepreneurs into creating their own brands and catering to their niche market. But with this opportunity comes competition. Competition is an amazing test of character. Unfortunately, … read more

How To Stay Inspired When Your Passion Is Your Business

There is a growing number of people who are preferring to take the entrepreneurial path instead of aiming for a white-collar, corporate job. Technology provides the tools that facilitate and streamline the journey to become a full-fledged entrepreneur. This trend is easily observable with the evident rise of startup companies. But it’s not only startups … read more

How To Transform The World Around You Through Creativity And Still Make A Living

A creative mind is both a blessing and a curse. It’s both a dreamer’s endless daydream and a visionary’s tool for changing the world. But that’s exactly the reason why creativity can be a good thing or a bad thing. What dictates the fate of a person who has a knack for creativity? Initiative And … read more